"Statement of Topics Covered in Intravenous Training Programs"


Pharmacy Education Resources Intravenous Training Programs for Pharmacists providing 20 hr ACPE and Technicians providing 40 hr ACPE since 1995 cover all topics listed in sub-section 4(D) of TAC 291.133 and includes instruction, experience and demonstrated proficiency in the following areas:

(i) aseptic technique;
(ii) critical area contamination factors;
(iii) environmental monitoring;
(iv) structure and engineering controls related to facilities;
(v)equipment and supplies;
(vi) sterile preparation calculations and terminology;
(vii) sterile preparation compounding documentation;
(viii) quality assurance procedures;
(ix) aseptic preparation procedures including proper gowning and gloving technique;
(x) handling of hazardous drugs, if applicable;
(xi) cleaning procedures; and
(xii) general conduct in the clean room.

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