Specialized Lecture Seminars:

Providing professional speakers to discuss sterile products, calculations, pharmacology, cytotoxic preparations, technology, and other topics. Speakers provide 45 minute to 8 hour seminar packages, complete with notebook and/or handouts, overhead show, etc.

Hands-On Training Seminars:

Combining experience and knowledge, Hands-On Training seminars are available in many formats:

Many large pharmacy institutions have purchased the sterile products training package used it to train both pharmacists and technicians. Pharmacy Education Resources' textbook is used as a home study guide combined with a series of lectures and/or hands-on skills training for a period of 4-10 weeks. Students are process validated during the skills training and must pass both written and hands-on testing to obtain a certificate of completion.

Most state boards of pharmacy that require sterile products training, also require process validation by a professional who is qualified/certified in sterile products. Pharmacy Education Resources has been very successful with 1 day and weekend training seminars used to train personnel how to teach and/or process validate sterile preparation skills.

Process Validation of Sterile Compounding Skills:

Pharmacy Education Resources will also send in qualified Pharmacy professionals to process validate personnel. Skills include hand-washing, hood cleaning, ampule preparation, liquid/powder vial preparation, hyperalimentation and piggyback preparation, chemotherapy preparation, ophthalmic preparations, etc.

Preparation of Site Specific Training Manuals

New JCAHO and State Pharmacy Board regulations are requiring hospital departments to have training manuals or policies and procedures on specific subjects. (ie. Repackaging, compounding sterile products, patient assessment (DUR), etc.) Site Specific Training Manuals have been prepared for specific procedures/tasks, for entire departments, and for other topics like areas of non-compliance with OSHA, JCAHO, etc. Training Manuals have been prepared in Modules, by subject, or as one complete Book.

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